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McDonald’s Birthday Cake UK 2024 Latest Updates

McDonald’s Birthday Cake

Looking for a yummy treat for your celebration? Try McDonald’s Birthday Cake! It comes in chocolate or vanilla and is a secret menu item, so you might need to ask if your local McDonald’s has it or not. In the US, it usually costs about $9, but it could be different in the UK. However, not all McDonald’s restaurants sell these cakes, and many workers don’t even know about them.

If you want to get one of these cakes, the best thing to do is call your local McDonald’s. They can tell you if they have the cake in stock and how much it costs.

The McDonald’s birthday cake can be a fun and affordable choice for celebrations. But since it’s not always available, it’s kind of a secret treat that not many people know about!

McDonald’s Price for Ronald’s Birthday Cake White

The price of the McDonalad’s Birthday Cake in the UK is not always the same. This is because it is part of the “secret menu.” This means it may not always be listed or available to buy. They are available in both chocolate and vanilla flavours. However, the price can vary depending on the specific McDonald’s location.

In the US, these cakes usually cost around $9. However, the price in the UK might be different.

Nutritional Guide Of Birthday Cake

The McDonald’s Ronald Birthday Cake White is a sweet dessert that has 300 calories per serving. It contains a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Knowing the nutritional information can help you decide how this cake fits into your daily food intake:

NutrientsValuesReference Intake(RI)
Calories300 cal.
Carbohydrates38 g14%
Total Fats14 g18%
Saturated Fats4 g20%
Proteins2 g
Cholesterol30 mg9%
Sugars29 g51%
Calcium15 mg 2%
Salt140 mg6%
Iron1 mg4%
Potassium45 mg0%

Iced White Birthday Cake Ingredients

  • Cake Base:

The cake base is made from wheat flour, sugar, corn syrup, and a mix of oils like palm and canola oil. It also contains egg, milk powder, flavourings, and baking powder to help it rise. Salt is added for flavour, and xanthan gum helps give it a good texture.

  • Icing and Decorations:

The icing is made from a mix of sugar and cornstarch, which makes it smooth and sweet. The decorative images are made using tapioca starch, corn syrup, water, sugar, and natural colourants like cabbage and beet extracts. The fondant decorations are made from sugar, water, and glucose. Emulsifiers like mono and diglycerides are added to improve the texture and stability of the icing and decorations.

  • Allergens Info:

This cake contains some ingredients that could cause allergies:

  1. This cake contains wheat from the flour and wheat starch. Wheat is a common allergen.
  2. The cake also has egg from the liquid whole egg.
  3. Milk powder is used, which can be a problem for people with milk allergies.
  4. Soybean oil is used, and soy is also an allergen.

For people with food allergies, it’s essential to check the ingredients carefully before eating this cake. The ingredients might change, and there is a risk of the cake being mixed with other foods that have allergens.

Where can I buy a McDonald’s birthday cake?

McDonald’s in the UK doesn’t always have birthday cakes on their menu. It depends on the specific McDonald’s restaurant. Your best option is to ask the manager at the McDonald’s you plan to visit if they can get you a birthday cake.

In the past, McDonald’s used to have birthday parties, but that’s not as common anymore. Some locations may still offer birthday party services, so it’s a good idea to check with your local McDonald’s to see what they currently provide.

My Personal Experience On Ordering a Birthday Cake from McDonald’s

McDonald’s does offer birthday cakes, but they don’t advertise them much, so you might have to ask for one. I was curious, so I decided to check it out. My first attempt was disappointing. The employee seemed confused and said they didn’t have any birthday cakes.

I didn’t give up though. I tried another McDonald’s. This time, the employee was surprised but eventually agreed to get me a birthday cake. It seemed like nobody had asked for one there before. One worker even said they didn’t know McDonald’s sold birthday cakes. Another employee said they often enjoyed the cakes during their own birthdays. It seems that McDonald’s birthday cakes are a well-kept secret!

After waiting a long time, I got a vanilla sheet cake with Ronald McDonald’s face on top for just $9. They handed it to me through the car window. It was a bit chilly, but it tasted like a soft, frosted cookie from the store. It was a sweet treat perfect for any birthday.

Final Words

McDonald’s has a surprise birthday cake that can be used for celebrations. The cake costs only $9, and it comes in chocolate or vanilla flavours. It has the usual McDonald’s pictures on it. However, not all McDonald’s stores have these cakes. Many employees don’t even know about them. 

But if you can find one, it could be a tasty addition to any special event. Whether it’s for a birthday, a promotion, or just to make your day a little better, the McDonald’s cake is worth trying.


Q:1 How can I get the free birthday offer at McDonald’s?

A:1 Download the McDonald’s app, sign up, and add your birthdate. When it’s your birthday, show the offer in the app to get a free item from their special birthday menu.

Q:2 Has McDonald’s ever sold cake?

A:2 Some McDonald’s restaurants in the US have been selling large cakes for special events like birthdays and parties since at least the 1970s.

Q:3 How can I get my free McDonald’s item?

A:3 Open the app, go to Rewards, pick the free item, get a 4-digit code, and give the code to the employee when you order.

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