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What Time Does McDonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast and Start Lunch UK?

What Time Does McDonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast in UK?

McDonald’s is a popular choice for breakfast in the UK, with favourites like Egg McMuffin, sausage rolls, and hash browns on the menu. These breakfast items offer different tastes suiting different preferences. 

They serve breakfast from 5 a.m. every day and they do give you plenty of time to enjoy your morning meal. But what time does McDonald’s stop serving breakfast? Well, After 11 a.m. the menu shifts from breakfast offerings to lunch options such as burgers and chicken nuggets. This is because breakfast and the regular menu items cannot be cooked at the same time due to different cooking methods and limited kitchen space. 

So if you want breakfast, you need to go before 11 a.m. It’s good to know the breakfast hours so you can plan your visit to McDonald’s.

When Does McDonald’s Stop Serving Breakfast in the UK?

McDonald’s now serves breakfast from 5 am to 11 am every day. They extended the breakfast hours as this gives customers more time to have breakfast. This change helps those who start their day later. After 11 a.m. you can order items like burgers and chicken nuggets until closing time, which varies by location. However, McDonald’s will increase prices for some items. 

These changes are because of rising costs and inflation. Some prices may stay the same, and prices may be different at different locations. Customers may not like the price increases, but McDonald’s has tried to keep the changes small. 

McDonald’s UK Breakfast Menu & Prices With Nutritional Info

Breakfast ItemsPrice RangesCaloriesFatsCarbsProteins
Bacon & Egg McMuffin £1.79 – £2.09320 cal.15 g30 g16 g
Sausage McMuffin£1.69 – £1.99260 cal.24 g2 g9 g
Egg & Cheese McMuffin£1.69 – £1.99360 cal.19 g30 g16 g
Double Sausage & Egg McMuffin£1.99 – £2.29530 cal.32 g31 g28 g
Double Sausage & Egg Breakfast Wrap£2.99 – £3.29495 cal.18 g45 g29 g
Sausage & Egg Breakfast Wrap£2.69 – £2.99440 cal.26 g32 g20 g
Egg & Bacon Breakfast Wrap£2.79 – £3.09471 cal.27 g32 g22 g
Hash Brown£0.99 – £1.29156 cal.10 g18 g2 g
Hotcakes with Syrup£2.49 – £2.79300 cal.16 g54 g9 g
Sausage & Maple Hotcakes£2.89 – £3.19320 cal.14 g57 g13 g
Bacon & Maple Hotcakes£2.99 – £3.29360 cal.12 g62 g6 g
French Toast with Syrup£2.49 – £2.79320 cal.16 g43 g4 g
Fruit Juice£0.99 – £1.29155 cal.1 g35 g1 g
Coffee£0.99 – £1.29190 cal.1 g14 g2 g
Tea£0.99 – £1.29150 cal.0 g36 g1 g


McDonald’s stopped serving breakfast in the UK at 11 o’clock in the morning every day. During breakfast time, customers can get classic breakfast items like Egg McMuffin and hash browns. The set breakfast hours provide a clear schedule for when to visit for morning meals. Their breakfast menu provides a convenient and tasty way to start the day.


Q:1 Can you get regular McDonald’s food during breakfast?

A:1 For stores open 24/7, breakfast begins at 6 a.m. During this time, you can only order breakfast items, not lunch menu options. 

Q:2 Can you get burgers at McDonald’s for breakfast?

A:2 You can order anytime McDonald’s is open, but burgers and fries aren’t usually available until 11 a.m. Before that, you can enjoy breakfast choices like Egg McMuffins.

Q:3 Are McDonald’s breakfast hash browns suitable for vegans?

A:3 No, McDonald’s hash browns are neither vegan nor vegetarian.

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