McDonald’s Wrap of The Day Today UK

The McDonald’s Wrap of the Day Big Flavour is undoubtedly a lovely choice in many households, regardless of your preference for the Big Mac. Its combination of value and taste surpasses even the classic meat-in-bun option. Our top pick among the wraps is the Spicy Sriracha Chicken One (from 2023), although its promotional run has recently concluded. Knowing McDonald’s, there’s a good chance it will return, and hopefully, it will become a permanent menu item.

Wrap of the day McDonald’s UK offers a variety of wraps , from the spicy sriracha to the sweet chili, and the savory Caesar & bacon to the smoky BBQ & bacon with a range of 3£ – 6£.

McDonald’s Wrap of the DayWrap OnlyWrap of Medium MealWrap of Large Meal
Wrap of the Day Price£1.99£4.19£4.89
Regular Price£3.79£5.59£6.29

Wrap of the Day McDonald’s 2024 – Grill, Crispy and Spicy UK

Mcdonalds wrap of the day monday
Monday & Saturday £ 3.49
The Garlic Mayo Chicken one-Crispy
wrap of the day garlic mayo chicken one
Monday & Saturday £ 3.49
the sweet chilli chicken one friday
Friday & Sunday £ 3.79
sweet chilli chicken one saturday
Friday & Sunday £ 3.79
bbq and bacon chicken one tuesday
Tuesday & Thursday £ 1.99
mcdonald's wrap of the day thursday
Tuesday & Thursday £ 1.99

McDonalds Wrap of the Day Today (Limited Time Offers) UK

Mcdonalds wrap of the day monday
£ 3.79
Ceasar and Bacon -Crispy

McDonald’s Wrap of The Day Today UK(Prices)

DAYSWrap of the Day Maccies UKPriceMedium Meal Large Meal
MondayThe Spicy Veggie One£3.79£5.59£6.29
TuesdayThe BBQ and Bacon Chicken One£1.99£5.59£6.29
WednesdayThe Spicy Sriracha Chicken One£3.79£5.59£6.29
ThursdayThe BBQ and Bacon Chicken One / The Spicy Veggie One£1.99£5.59£6.29
FridayThe Sweet Chilli Chicken One£3.79£5.59£6.29
SaturdayThe Garlic Mayo Chicken One£3.79£5.59£6.29
SundayThe Sweet Chilli Chicken One£3.79£5.59£6.29

Today Wrap of the Day McDonald’s Calories UK

DayMcDonald’s Wrap of the Day UKCrispy Wrap CaloriesGrilled Wrap Calories
MondayThe Spicy Veggie One365 kcal365 kcal
TuesdayThe BBQ Chicken & Bacon One493 kcal364 kcal
WednesdayThe Spicy Sriracha Chicken One432 kcal283 kcal
ThursdayThe BBQ Chicken & Bacon One493 kcal364 kcal
The Spicy Veggie One 365 kcal365 kcal
FridayThe Sweet Chilli Chicken One469 kcal340 kcal
SaturdayThe Garlic Mayo Chicken One481 kcal332 kcal
SundayThe Sweet Chilli Chicken One469 kcal340 kcal

The Spicy Veggie One-Enjoy Wrap of The Day

the spicy veggie one monday

Imagine trying a yummy veggie wrap called The Spicy Veggie One. It’s filled with tasty veggie dippers with a fiery, exciting relish. Inside, you’ll find crispy lettuce, a juicy tomato slice, and colorful red onion rings, all wrapped in a soft, toasted tortilla. It is serve as mcdonald’s wrap of the day Monday.

What’s cool about The Spicy Veggie One is that it’s officially approved as vegan by the Vegetarian Society. That means it’s a guilt-free treat for people who love plant-based food. It has 365 calories, only 8.8 grams of fat, and a mix of great flavors. It’s like a mini food adventure you won’t want to miss.

This wrap is more than just a meal; it’s a way to enjoy delicious food that’s good for the environment and your taste buds. Whether in a hurry or taking a relaxing meal break, The Spicy Veggie One is a tasty treat that makes your taste buds happy IN MC Wraps. Click Here to see details

The Garlic Mayo Chicken One-Big Flavour Wrap

mcdonald's wrap of the day saturday

The Garlic Mayo Chicken One Crispy is a delicious and tastiest recipe offered by mcdonald’s wrap of the day saturday today. This recipe is very easy to make and takes very little time. Due to which recipe is loved by all even teenage people or legends. The wrap is full of Garlic Mayo which makes the recipe rich and creamy and loved by all. Garlic Mayo Chicken Wraps are available at all McDonald’s restaurants at very reasonable prices. 

The recipe has some allergens also. So diet-conscious people should be aware of that. They shouldn’t use the recipe with allergens or should customize their wraps according to their choice. Click Here to see all details about it

The Sweet Chilli Chicken One McDonald’s Wrap

wrap of the day tuesday

Introducing “The Sweet Chilli Chicken One” by WrapMan, a delightful treat you won’t want to miss. Picture sinking your teeth into tender, juicy chicken, available in two delicious options: grilled for a wholesome experience or crispy for a satisfying crunch. Both are wrapped in a soft, oversized tortilla, creating a symphony of flavors.

Enjoy the wonderful mix of textures and tastes, all carefully balanced to give you an extraordinary culinary experience. You can choose the Grilled Chicken version for a lighter option or the Crispy Chicken if you’re craving that crunchy satisfaction. It is available and name as mcdonald’s wrap of the day sunday

Elevate your taste journey with “The Sweet Chilli Chicken One” – a true masterpiece of flavour that satisfies your cravings. Whether grabbing a quick bite during a busy day or savouring your meal, this wrap guarantees a taste experience. Click Here to see all detail about this recipe.

The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One Today Wrap

wrap of the day thursday

Indulge in McDonald’s BBQ & Bacon Chicken One, a flavor-packed delight for your taste buds and serve as an wrap of the day mcdonald’s tuesday .Imagine savoring this wrap, filled with succulent chicken, either grilled for a healthier option or crispy for that irresistible crunch. 

Visualize the freshness of a juicy tomato slice, perfectly complemented by the smoky BBQ sauce. The crisp lettuce adds a satisfying crunch, blending harmoniously with the creamy, tangy mayo. And the star of the show? The delicious streaky bacon, adding its signature smokiness and taking your taste buds on a delightful journey. Also see McDonald’s McFlurry

This isn’t just a meal; it’s a culinary adventure, carefully balancing textures and tastes to provide unparalleled satisfaction. You can choose between the Grilled Chicken for a lighter option or the Crispy Chicken for a deep, satisfying experience.

Experience the essence of bold, satisfying flavors with the BBQ & Bacon Chicken One – a masterpiece designed to deliver an explosion of taste and satisfaction, whether you’re on a busy day or seeking a moment of indulgence. Click Here to see all detail about this recipe.

The Ceasar and Bacon Chicken One Mcdonald’s Wrap of the dDay

ceasar and bacon chicken one

Enjoy the delightful Caesar & Bacon Chicken Wrap from McDonald’s, available starting August 16, 2023. It features tender chicken, either grilled or crispy, wrapped in a soft tortilla. Each bite is a delicious blend of flavors and textures.

Picture the creamy Caesar-style sauce mixed with tangy Dijon mustard and savory hard cheese. Fresh lettuce and white onions add a satisfying crunch, while the streaky bacon brings a smoky twist to every bite. Click here to know how to prepare Ceasar & Bacon Chicken One serve in McDonald;s wrap of the day.

This wrap offers choices to match your preferences. If you want something lighter, the Grilled Chicken option has a great balance of flavors and less fat. Alternatively, the Crispy Chicken version offers a crispier experience and a slightly richer taste.

The Caesar & Bacon Chicken Wrap combines these ingredients and flavors for a satisfying meal that’s both comforting and gourmet. Whether you’re in a rush or savoring your meal, this wrap is a delightful choice to satisfy your cravings and please your taste buds.”

The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One Wrap of The Day

today wrap wednesday

The wrap of the day McDonald’s UK Wednesday is The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One-Crispy & Grilled. This recipe makes your day tasty and enjoyable, it is a juicy Crispy/Grilled chicken recipe. The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One – Crispy is made with Chicken Selects, Lettuce, and Onion with a layer of Sriracha Sauce wrapped in a hot tortilla. Grilled Sriracha Chicken One is made with grilled chicken, lettuce, onion, and Sriracha Sauce wrapped in a tortilla.

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McDonald’s UK


Wrap of the day mcdonald’s offers a diverse range of flavorful wraps to cater to a variety of taste preferences. Whether you’re a meat lover or prefer a vegetarian option, there’s a wrap for you. Each wrap contains a combination of ingredients carefully balanced to create a satisfying and delicious meal. Keep in mind that allergen information is provided, and you should always check for potential allergens if you have dietary restrictions or allergies. These wraps are not just meals; they’re culinary adventures designed to delight your taste buds.


Do these wraps contain any potential allergens?

Yes, some of the ingredients may contain potential allergens, such as wheat, wheat gluten, celery, milk, mustard, sesame seeds, and barley. Please refer to the specific ingredient lists for details.

Are there different options for the tortilla wraps?

Yes, there are multiple options for the tortilla wraps. You can choose from different types of wheat-based tortilla wraps, and these wraps may contain potential allergens.

What are the flavor profiles of the different wraps?

The mcdonalds uk wrap of the day come in various flavors, including spicy sriracha, sweet chili, caesar & bacon, and BBQ & bacon. These flavors offer a mix of sweet, spicy, savory, and smoky tastes to satisfy different preferences.

Q. What are McDonald’s Wrap of the Day UK Prices?

Price £3.79 →  The Garlic Mayo Chicken One in Grilled and Crispy wrap Flavors
Price £1.99 →  The BBQ and Bacon Chicken One in Grilled and Crispy wrap Flavor
Price £3.79 →   The Sweet Chilli Chicken One in Grilled and Crispy Wrap Flavor
Price £3.79 →   The Spicy Veggie One
Price £3.79 → The Spicy Sriracha Chicken One