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Christmas Menu McDonald’s And Festive Menu 2024

Christmas Menu McDonalds

The festive season is here, and McDonald’s is excited to introduce its new Christmas menu. Available for a limited time, this special menu offers a range of festive treats and fan-favourite items with a seasonal twist. The menu includes festive burgers like the Big & Cheesy Burger and the Chicken Big Mac. 

There are also sweet treats like the Galaxy Caramel Pie and two types of McFlurries with Galaxy Chocolate or Caramel sauce for dessert. There are snacks like Cheese Melt Dippers with tomato dip and a Christmas Sharebox with chicken options, making it great sharing options. All these limited-time items can be found at McDonald’s restaurants or ordered for delivery. 

Enjoying these festive flavours is a great way to celebrate the holidays with fast food favourites. So, make sure to take advantage of these tasty Christmas offerings before they’re gone!

McDonald’s Christmas Tradition

The holiday season is coming soon, and it’s time for fun holiday flavours. Even though it’s not December yet, I am excited to try the holiday treats and drinks.  McDonald’s is excited to share its new holiday menu and I can’t wait to try all the special items. 

This special menu will only be available for a short time. You can get the holiday items at McDonald’s restaurants or order them for delivery through UberEATS and Just Eat. Here’s a list of what’s on their Christmas menu with a nutritional guide:

McDonald’s Christmas Menu & Prices With Nutritional Info

Menu ItemsPrice (On Its Own)Price (Meal)CaloriesFatsCarbsProteins
The Big & Cheesy Burger£5.49£7.29767 cal.40 g53 g46 g 
The Big & Cheesy with Bacon Burger£6.29£8.09813 cal.43 g59 g51 g 
The Chicken Big Mac Burger£4.79£6.59570 cal. 33 g44 g26 g
Cheese Melt Dippers with Rich Tomato Dip£2.59 (small)£6.89 (share box)300 cal.17 g30 g9 g
McDonald’s Chicken Christmas Sharebox£14.99863 cal.45 g63 g53 g
Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry£1.49 (mini)£1.99 (regular)360 cal.14 g52 g6 g
Galaxy Caramel McFlurry£1.49 (mini)£1.99 (regular)360 cal.14 g54 g6 g
The Galaxy Caramel Pie£1.99248 cal.15 g27 g3 g

McDonald’s Christmas Menu Items Explained

Here’s a list of each item offered on the Christmas menu:

  1. The Big & Cheesy Burger (Also Available with Bacon)

The Big & Cheesy Burger has a soft beef patty with two slices of cheese, crispy and red onions, and creamy cheese sauce, all inside a toasted bun with flour on top. It costs at least £5.49, and you can add bacon. To make it a full meal, you can get fries and a drink for over £7.29.

  1. The Chicken Big Mac Burger

The Chicken Big Mac burger has two delicious chicken patties, three soft buns, melted cheese, zesty pickles, fresh lettuce, and special Big Mac sauce. You can buy the Chicken Big Mac on its own for more than £4.79 or as a meal for more than £6.59. 

However, the burger is much smaller than the Big & Cheesy burger and feels compact. The filling inside was barely visible under the buns, but after tasting it, I stopped worrying about how it looked. This burger has a lot of sauce on it—it’s covered in Big Mac sauce. As someone who likes pickles, I really enjoy this mix of flavours.

  1. The Galaxy Caramel Pie

I didn’t choose a burger as my top pick, but instead the Galaxy Caramel Pie. When I saw it on the dessert menu, I was excited and it didn’t let me down. This new Caramel Pie is a chocolate pastry filled with yummy Galaxy Caramel sauce. 

So, If you liked the Chocolate Pie, you’ll really enjoy this one because the caramel inside is just the right amount of sweetness, not too much. You can get this special treat as a dessert for just a bit over £1.99.

  1. Cheese Melt Dippers with Rich Tomato Dip

The Cheese Melt Dippers are made with rich Camembert cheese. They come with a tasty tomato dip. You can buy a single serving for £2.59 or a larger share box for £6.89. These dippers are one of my favourite things on the menu. They make me think of Christmas. At Christmas, I like melting Camembert cheese and dipping bread in it. The Cheese Melt Dippers are a tasty and easy option instead of making it myself.

  1. McDonald’s Chicken Christmas Sharebox

The Christmas Sharebox is a great choice for the holiday season. It includes at least 20 Chicken McNuggets, 10 Chicken Selects, and eight dips (four regular and four special). Priced at just over £14.99, this meal option is available for a limited time. It’s perfect for up to four people to share or for one person to enjoy alone.

  1. Galaxy Chocolate & Caramel McFlurry

This year’s holiday menu has two McFlurry options. The Galaxy Chocolate McFlurry has ice cream mixed with Galaxy Chocolate candies and a Galaxy Chocolate sauce. You can get it in a small size for over £1.49 or a regular size for over £1.99. 

You can also try the Galaxy McFlurry with Caramel sauce, which has the same Galaxy Chocolate candies but with a Galaxy Caramel sauce instead.

Note: McDonald’s restaurants across the United Kingdom are expected to start selling a new item nationwide between November 15th and 22nd in the year 2024.

Wrapping Up!

The holiday season comes once a year, making it the perfect time to enjoy the McDonald’s Christmas menu. This year, you’ll find festive burgers, sides, desserts, and drinks at McDonald’s locations worldwide.

Popular items like the Big & Cheesy Burger, Galaxy Caramel Pie, and Chocolate & Caramel McFlurry bring seasonal flavours many people love. New menu options add variety and excitement. McDonald’s brings familiar holiday cheer and comfort, helping make the season special.


Q:1 What Is the Christmas McFlurry?

A:1 The Christmas McFlurry is a festive ice cream treat with Maltesers clusters, Galaxy chocolate drops, caramel, Mars Nuggets, and Twix biscuits. It’s topped with milk chocolate sauce.

Q:2 How long can you get McDonald’s Christmas menu?

A:2 The holiday menu is available until January 3rd, so make sure to enjoy it soon!

Q:3 Is McDonald’s food healthy?

A:3 If you want to eat healthy, you might avoid McDonald’s. Many options are high in saturated fat and salt.

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