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The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Grilled –McDonald’s Wrap

The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One Grilled (Limited Time Special Offer)

The CAESAR and BACON CHICKEN GRILLED WRAP was first introduced by McDonald’s in 2016. But it’s still a trendy meal offered by McDonald’s. It’s wrapped in a very soft touch that enhances its sale. As it offers meager prices, it’s unique and compatible with others due to which it has more demand. Grilled chicken wraps are satisfying recipes that are in soft and tasteful texture for taste buds. 

McDonald’s Wrap of The Day Monday/Sunday Price £ 3.79

The creamy Caesar-style sauce is blended together with tangy Dijon mustard and savory hard cheese, while the fresh lettuce and white onions add a satisfying crunch to the dish, while the streaky bacon gives the dish a smoky taste.

DAYSWrap of the Day UKPriceMedium Meal Large Meal
MondayThe Spicy Veggie One£3.79£5.59£6.29
TuesdayThe BBQ and Bacon Chicken One£1.99£5.59£6.29
WednesdayThe Spicy Sriracha Chicken One£3.79£5.59£6.29
ThursdayThe BBQ and Bacon Chicken One / The Spicy Veggie One£1.99£5.59£6.29
FridayThe Sweet Chilli Chicken One£3.79£5.59£6.29
SaturdayThe Garlic Mayo Chicken One£3.79£5.59£6.29
SundayThe Sweet Chilli Chicken One£3.79£5.59£6.29

What’s inside The Ceasar & Bacon Chicken One?

Beechwood Bacon (97KJ | 23Kcal)

tortilla wrap mcdonalds of the day

Tortilla (719KJ | 170Kcal)

mcdonald's wrap of the day grilled chicken

Grilled chicken (383KJ |90Kcal)


100 % Lettuce

red onion ring

Red Onion Rings (14KJ | 3Kcal)

Garlic Mayo 253 kJ | 61 kcal

What Nutrition Has The Ceaser & Bacon Chicken One?

Nutrition ContentGrilledCrispy
Energy (kJ)16942226
Energy (kcal)403532
Fat (g)1325
of which saturated (g)3.04.1
Carbohydrate (g)3850
of which sugars (g)2.92.6
Fibre (g)3.63.7
Protein (g)3225
Salt (g)1.92.4

Ingredient And Allergen Details


Some of the ingredients may be full of allergens that can cause harm to consumers who have allergies to some elements. These allergens are listed below:

  • Wheat Gluten
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Mustard
  • Rye Gluten 
  • Barley Gluten
  • Sesame Seeds

All these things have allergens, which can be harmful if people eat the recipe without knowing about the ingredients used in the recipe. If the consumers know their allergy problems and about the elements, they can consume the formula with care as there is a customization option available. So they can customize their eating by choice. 

Grilled Chicken Beast

The main ingredient of Caesar and Bacon Chicken Breast Grilled wrap is chicken breast grilled, which makes its texture in tender form. A juicy chicken breast grilled to perfection, providing a delightful bite in every mouthful. 

Ceasar Sauce

A creamy and smooth sauce full of classic Caesar dressing, adds richness and creamy texture to the recipe, which makes it flavourful and loveable to eat. 


Sliced onions in a little frayed form until crispy provides crunch and sweetness to the recipe and make this McDonald’s wrap more tasty and crispy


Crispy and refreshing lettuce leaves add freshness and quality to the recipe.

Large Tortilla Wrap

WHEAT Flour (contains Calcium Carbonate, Niacin, Iron, and Thiamin), Water, Humectant (Glycerol), WHEAT Fibre (contains allergen: WHEAT), Rapeseed Oil, Wholemeal WHEAT Flour (contains allergen: WHEAT), Emulsifier (Mono- and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Raising Agent (Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate), Acidity Regulator (Citric Acid), Stabilizer (Carboxy Methyl Cellulose), Yeast, Salt, WHEAT Starch. It may contain sesame seeds, milk, barley, and rye traces.

Cool Mayo Ingredient

Eggs yolk 3%, Mustard flour, Lemon juice Concentrate, Modified Maize Starch, Potassium Sorbate, Rapeseed Oil 23.5%, Salt, Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Thickener, Water.


The irresistible, smoky, and savory taste of crispy bacon complements the chicken and adds an extra layer of deliciousness.

Why is it Unique and Interesting

It is a unique recipe because it is full of taste with rich protein and fibers necessary for a healthy body and sound mind. If you want to keep yourself energetic and healthy, this can be a great option. It doesn’t do much harm to you. It’s comfortable to eat even if you are at the workplace and have a few minutes to eat due to your busy schedule. This is a unique and exciting food package of the classic seasonal salad.


This unique and stylish wrap is made available by McDonald’s even if you want to eat at home or visit a McDonald’s restaurant. Its preparation is straightforward and time-consuming, so you can enjoy it within a few minutes. The Caesar and Bacon Chicken is available for one. Anytime you wish, you can give it a try. This is a delicious, heartwarming wrap you must watch once and try.


 The Grilled wrap of Caesar and Bacon Chicken Breast is a staple of the UK. Its soft touch and easy preparation make it love for foodies. You should also try it. You would love to eat such a delicious recipe. And your taste buds will thank you for a creamy, rich protein recipe. 

It’s available reasonably priced, and its creamy texture makes it demand complete. You can pick it up, go to the nearest McDonald’s branch, and eat it at home. This is an excellent, cheap, easy, and quick meal option.


Q: Are chicken wraps healthy for you?

It depends on the ingredients that you are going to put extra in the wraps because it is low in calories as it is. 

Q: Is McDonald’s wrap of the day cheaper?

Yes, it’s available at very cheap and reasonable rates. It can be enjoyed by all who love to eat a quick and delicious recipe. 

Q: Is The Caesar & Bacon Chicken One healthy?

Yes, of course, it’s a healthy recipe. It’s full of protein and fibers, which makes a man healthy. 

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